House Holiday Decorations: Creating a Festive Home Exterior
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House Holiday Decorations: Creating a Festive Home Exterior

Nov 20, 2018

During the holiday season, there are about 240 injuries a day due to decorating-related accidents. Whether you want your house holiday decorations to be low-key or epic, decorating can be a massive undertaking.

How can you plan out your holiday decorations? We’ll go through some tips to create a festive home exterior.

Let’s dive in!

Holiday House Decorations


The entryway is a lovely place to begin your decorating, because that’s the area that welcomes people into your home. There’s a lot of fun you can have around your door. If you choose an entry door in a color that lends well to being festive, like red, you’re already ahead of the game.

For practical décor, pick up a winter welcoming mat that not only adds to the festivity but also serves the function of clearing debris and snow from guests’ feet.

To take it easy, pop up a holiday wreath. Just make sure to check that whatever mounting method you’re choosing won’t void a warranty.

To turn your door into a portal to holiday cheer, mount lush garland or lights around it. For those who like more cute or kitschy décor, next to your front door is a great spot for a light up snowman or Santa statue.

When placing items on the ground around your front door, keep in mind that it often snows around the holiday season. Choose items that won’t be damaged by snow and placement that won’t make shoveling difficult.

decorated entryway for the holiday season

Hanging Lights

Twinkling, colorful, icicle, white, blue, string, net…in whatever variety you prefer, lights are quintessential house holiday decorations.

However, they come with their own set of frustrations (ever wrestled with a tangled ball of lights?) and dangers (41% of holiday decorating injuries come from falling while hanging lights).

For the bushes outside your home, consider using a net of lights instead of carefully laying a string. Nets are made to be laid across your shrubbery to make it look like you spent hours placing each bulb perfectly.

To get the look of lights hung on your home without having to climb a ladder, start hanging them on the inside of your windows.

Screw a couple little hooks into the wood trim around the inside of your window (not the vinyl of the window itself!). Hang your lights on the hooks, and you’ll be able to see them on every story of the house from outside without having to ever get on a ladder!

Other House Holiday Decorations

Don’t be afraid to leverage other areas of your house for your “exterior” decorations. If you have a lovely bay window or picture window unit, place your Christmas tree or other decorations inside, next to that window.

Christmas Tree Through Window

Open the window treatments, and suddenly your inside decorations offer outside charm.

But if you want to add a couple of other little touches here and there, here are some ideas:

  • Put a bow on the mailbox
  • Put some garland on your street lamp
  • Wrap a big bow around a tree trunk rather than getting on a ladder to put up lights

Keep Safety in Mind

Whenever you’re putting up your house holiday decorations, be sure to keep safety in mind. If you want to put strings of lights and other decorations everywhere, stay on top of ladder safety.

If you need to upgrade your home exterior to better display your festive sprit, contact Advanced Window Systems today.

We can help you replace your windows, siding, roofing, and doors.