What Curtains Match Best with Your Wall Color?
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What Curtains Match Best with Your Wall Color?

Oct 04, 2021

With the right window curtains you can completely transform your room’s aesthetic. Whether you decide on a neutral curtain color, or a bold and patterned fabric, it is important to know what the best color schemes are for your window curtains.

If you want to freshen the look of your room by adding new curtains but are not sure what window curtain is best for you, there are essentially 3 different ways to go about the process.

1.Match your curtain colors to your walls.

2.Find a neutral curtain color that complements your walls.

3.Go bold and find window curtains that are a strong color or pattern contrast to your walls.

curtains of different colors

However, even with these methods in mind there are still millions of curtain colors and patterns to choose from. This is what makes curtain color matching a difficult task for homeowners. For some inspiration, here are some great curtain color matching ideas that will work great in your room.

What Color Curtains go with Beige walls?

Beige is an extremely neutral color. That means when it comes to curtain color matching, beige is good news. There are many colors that match wonderfully with beige walls. However, that does not mean that some curtain colors are not better than others. Here are some of the best window curtains for beige walls:

1. Beige Curtains

Beige curtains can create a clean, minimalistic look for your room. It is recommended that you get curtains that are slightly darker or lighter than your wall shade to avoid making the room feel dull.

2. White Curtains

White curtains are classy and clean. They have the ability to brighten up any room (even a beige one).

3. Orange Curtains

To go bold in a beige room you can also try getting orange curtains. This method tends to work best if you also have orange furniture or accent pieces.

4. Green Curtains

Green curtains are another bold option for beige walls that work extremely well when matched with accent pieces or furniture.

What Color Curtains go with Cream walls?

Cream (like beige) is a very neutral color. That means there are many options for your window curtains and it can make the curtain picking process a bit more difficult. Since there are so many colors that go with cream walls, it really comes down to personal preference! Here are some great curtain options for your cream walls:

1. Cream Curtains

Cream curtains are a great option for cream walls. It is classy and produces a pristine, put-together look for a room.

2. Grey Curtains

Grey is a great option for cream walls. It can make the room feel clean cut and give it a modern style.

3. Purple Curtains

For a more bold option, purple can add a little bit of color to the room and create a unique, stylish vibe for the room. Having matching accent pieces and furniture is recommended for this color.

4. Blue Curtains

When it comes to cream walls, a soft blue color is preferred by many. This color of blue works great since it adds a bit of contrast and color to the room but still follows a more neutral theme.

What Color Curtains go with Gray walls?

1.Gray Curtains

Matching grey curtains to grey walls is a very classy option. It is neutral but can make the room feel cozy and luxurious. Additionally, charcoal grey paired with grey walls can make a room feel sophisticated and accentuate the lighter gray walls.

2. White Curtains

You cannot go wrong with white curtains. White curtains will really pop against a grey wall. They will create an airy and bright feeling for the room.

3. Yellow/Mustard Curtains

Yellow curtains against a grey wall are a very bold but can create a very unique room feel. They work best with matching furniture and accent pieces.

What Color Curtains go with White Walls?

While a white wall may be a bit plain on its own, there are a ton of different ways curtain color can spice up your room. There are many colors that go with white walls. Here are some top picks:

1. White Curtains

Matching white curtains with white walls is a great option. It makes the room feel both cleaner and brighter.

2. Black Curtains

Black is typically a neutral color. However, against a white wall black curtains make a statement and add a sophisticated look to the room.

3. Blue Curtains

Blue curtains can make any white room feel luxurious. Darker shades of blue have a particular ability to create a visually striking environment.

4. Pastel Curtains (such as pink or purple)

A pastel curtain against a white wall can be a great combination. The pastel curtains add a dash of color to the room while maintaining the room’s sophistication. They can also be used to accent white furniture.

What Color Curtains go with Yellow Walls?

Yellow is a very exciting wall color! It brings life and energy into a room so many find that it is perfect for kitchens and living rooms. With such an expressive color, it is also important to find a complementary curtain color to match. The wrong window curtains in a yellow room can cause major clashing. Some of the best curtain colors for yellow walls include:

1. Yellow Curtains

Yellow curtains and yellow walls work great together. Yellow is already a bright and bold color so yellow curtains are able add texture and keep the room classy.

2. White/Sheer White Curtains

White curtains can go well with almost any wall color and with yellow walls the same holds true. Sheer white curtains in particular can allow sunlight to filter through the window creating a bright, clean environment.

3. Grey Curtains

Yellow Walls with Grey Curtains

Grey is a great color to pair with yellow. It is a popular option to match pale grey curtains with a pale yellow wall color.

4. Green Curtains

Green curtains can make a statement against yellow walls. They have the ability to create a fun, warm feeling in you room.

What Color Curtains go with Blue Walls?

1. Blue Curtains

Blue curtains with blue walls are an effortlessly stylish option for your blue walls. This combo can make for a cool and cohesive ambiance.

2. White Curtains

White curtain colors are a very popular option for blue walls. They immediately brighten the cool nature of blue rooms and can create a classy, sophisticated look.

3. White Curtains with a Pattern

White curtains with patterns on them can add in the same brightness as plain white curtains would but have the added benefit of adding a bit of character to the room.

Nothing makes a room feel more complete than the perfect set of window curtains. Sometimes the hardest part of picking the right curtain color is narrowing down your search. I hope you gained some inspiration and insight on some of the best curtain color matches. Now you can create a room that you set the tone of!

Article By Carolyn Piera

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