Joe LaVoie
Joe started in the home improvement industry in 1978 because he wanted to own a business where he could provide great service and grow. His very first job was installing new windows and siding on a house in Marlborough. Because of his dedication to fantastic service and products, the business has prospered through the years and continues to grow. On his off time from the business, Joe loves boating because he can travel and spend time with friends. Now he lives with his wife, Maria in West Hartford, but they spent decades in New Britain and Marlborough before that. His favorite food is a good steak from Peter Luger in New York.


Maria LaVoie
Accounting Manager
Maria has been with AWS since before it was AWS, when Joe started installing windows and siding in 1978. When the couple had children, Maria left her job in the insurance industry to help run the business while she raised the kids. As the business grew, she eventually came on full time to handle the accounting and other paperwork. In her free time, she loves to go boating with Joe. She spent decades with Joe and the kids in New Britain and Marlborough, but now her and Joe reside in West Hartford. Her favorite food is a nice chopped salad.


Mark LaVoie
Vice President
Mark got involved in his parents’ business as a high schooler in 1998, helping out with manufacturing. In 2001, he started going out into the field to do sales. He loves offering fantastic products and service in an industry where that can be hard to find. He’s proud of the great team at AWS and loves to get out there and meet new customers. He’s lived in Berlin since 2006 with his daughter and his son. In his free time, he hangs out with his family and gets outside to be active. Some of his favorite hobbies are hiking and snowboarding. His favorite foods are Mexican, steak, and fish, so you might see him at Puerto Vallarta, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, or Max Fish.


David Webber
Sales Manager
David has been with AWS since 2004. He loves the office comradery at AWS and meeting awesome people out in the field. He lives in South Windsor with his wife and has a daughter and son in their 20s. On a day off, he loves to bike, boat, or sit in his hot tub. When he wants a nice dinner he goes to the Capital Grille in Hartford, but he also loves a simple pizza.


Greg Romans
Company Representative
Greg has been in sales for over 20 years. He loves that with AWS he can help people make the best home improvement choices for themselves while offering them the best value in the industry. He recently moved to Cheshire and has two daughters. In his free time, he loves to golf or take a relaxing vacation. You might see him at the Texas Roadhouse in Waterbury, because he loves their food.


Greg Buchholz
Company Representative
Greg has been with AWS for a while, but he was in the industry long before that. He loves working for a family-owned company with an excellent product and outstanding service. He’s lived in Washington, CT since the 90s and has a son and daughter. In his spare time, he loves to sail and travel. His favorite place to grab a bite is any nice seafood or steak house.


Jen Herold
Operations Manager
Jennifer has been with AWS for over four years. She has a background in customer service, finance, and psychology that makes her perfect for our team. She has a heart for people—she loves her coworkers and helping our fantastic customers. She’s lived in Bristol her whole life and has been married for over two years. When she’s not at AWS, Jennifer and her husband run the small financial business started by her father. When she takes a break from work, Jen loves a relaxing meal at an Oceanside restaurant.


Tran Vu
Office Manager
Tran has been with AWS for nine years, but she’s been familiar with the home improvement industry for her whole life. She loves the friendly work environment at AWS because it makes work easy. She also loves the detail-oriented nature of her work. She grew up in West Hartford with a big family, and now resides in Middletown. In her free time she likes to clean and relax in her condo or hang out with her loved ones. You might meet her in line for coffee someday—she loves Starbucks.


Leslie Norris
Customer Care Manager
Leslie has been with AWS for a year and a half, but has been in home improvement for over 30 years. She loves that it’s a small, growing company that treats people like family—not a number. She’s lived in East Hartford for over 20 years. On the weekends, she loves to shop with her mom—their record is 13 stores in one day! Leslie also likes comfort food. Olive Garden is one of her favorite restaurants.


Kaylyn Klaneski
Brand Ambassador
Kaylyn joined the AWS team with a few years of canvassing experience before her. She’s a bubbly person who loves meeting our customers in the field and hearing their stories. She appreciates that AWS is improving its customers’ quality of life. She recently moved to West Hartford, but she spent a large part of her adult life in upstate New York. In her free time, she likes painting and refurbishing lawn ornaments. You might see her hanging out at The Half Door in Hartford.


Abby Helfrich
Marketing Coordinator
Abby started with AWS recently after graduating with a BA in English. She loves that AWS operates as a family—the team supports each other, and they treat their customers with respect and compassion. She recently moved to Broad Brook with her fiancé, but grew up in rural Pennsylvania. In her spare time, she reads books and watches horror movies and comedies. Her favorite thing to eat is a margarita pizza from Frank PePe’s Pizzeria.

Brian Peck
Installation Manager
Brian has been with AWS for over 10 years, but has a total of over 30 years of experience. His favorite part about his job is getting out into the field and meeting new people. He’s lived in Durham for 25 years with his wife. In his free time, he likes to hunt and fish. You might run into him eating at a couple of his favorite restaurants, Fish Tale or the Cheesecake Factory.


Rick Prior
Service Technician
Rick has been with AWS for two years, with 35 years of experience before him. He loves that AWS provides a stable work environment hard to find in the industry. He’s lived in Southington for 17 years with his family. When he’s not at work, Rick loves to spend quality time with his family. You might catch them at Outback Steak House, Rick’s favorite restaurant.


Jeff Straka
Job Foreman
Jeff has been with AWS for over five years, but has a total of 32 years installing windows and doors. He likes to work alone because he can ensure the best level of craftsmanship that way. He also enjoys the flexible schedule of a craftsman who gets to be outside and untethered from typical business hours. He’s lived in Burlington for almost two decades, where he uses his free time to tend to his fish tanks and read books recommended by his daughter. His favorite restaurant is Sans Souci in Berlin.


Karl Schmidt
Job Foreman
Karl has been with AWS for 15 years, with a total of 22 years installing windows and doors. His cousin Billy joined his crew about five years ago. Karl loves to see a homeowner happy with his work—he’s a true craftsman. He’s lived in Plainville for 25 years with his wife and kids, and loves fishing and football in his spare time. You might bump into his at East Side having some knockwurst sometime.


Dennis Pollina
Job Foreman
Dennis has a total of 14 years of experience in the home improvement industry. He loves that, as a job foreman, he gets to work outside and improve people’s homes. He’s lived in Milford for his entire life and recently got married in Disney. Outside of work, he loves to go to the gym or have some Mexican food at Puerto Vallarta.


Phil Evans
Job Foreman
Phil has over 20 years of experience in the home improvement industry and has been with his current crew for ten years. His favorite part of the job is getting to see the beautiful finished product, and he always puts an extra emphasis on treating the customer’s home with the respect he would treat his own. He’s lived in Uncasville for 14 years with his wife and kids. During his free time, he loves auto racing.


Dave McKemmie
Job Foreman
Dave has been installing for AWS for eight years—six years with his current crew. His favorite part of the job is seeing the great finished product. He’s lived in Windsor for ten years. His favorite thing to do in his spare time is ride motorcycles and pursue other mechanical efforts. His favorite food is Italian, so you might just see him at an Italian restaurant.