Treatment Ideas to elevate your Bow and Bay Windows
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Treatment Ideas to elevate your Bow and Bay Windows

May 25, 2021

Your windows are a huge part of what can make or break your house. Whether it’s for look, lighting or even privacy there are many different routes you can take. Bay or bow windows are the perfect windows for you if you are looking for an open concept window that lets in lots of natural light and extra depth in your room. The amount of window treatment options for these windows are immense and can give the appearance of a unique and fancy look. This article will talk about which bay or bow window treatments are right for you along with all the different and exciting ways to spruce them up.


What are Bay Windows?

A bay window is a window space projecting outward from the main part of the wall leaving a space open in your room. The main structure of a bay window is one main picture window, a stationary glass that doesn’t open or close. There are also two smaller casement windows, ones with a crank on the bottom to open and close, on each side. If you would like a bay window installed, your existing window space needs to be decently wide.

Bay window with grids
Bay window with main picture window


What are Bow Windows?

A bow window on the other hand can range anywhere from three to five equal sized windows installed to make up one large window. Bow windows also project outward of the house giving you that depth of space inside your room. Bow windows are known for giving you that large view of your yard and neighborhood.

4 lite bow windows with shutters
4 lite bow windows with shutters

Which window is right for your house?

Cohesive vs. Complementary

Whether you’re looking to install a bay or bow window your original window space needs to be wide enough to fit the casements. You also want to see if this specific style window is complementary to the house style you have. In Connecticut some style houses you’ll find are:

  1. Colonial
  2. Ranch
  3. Townhouse

Bay and bow windows protrude outside the wall and will give you a nice depth to the interior of your room. You can either choose from a bay window with casements or a bay window with double hung. Double hung are the most common windows where they operate by going up and down.  If you are looking to go with a bow window you can pick from 3 lite bow, a window that’s made up of three equal size casement windows. A 4 lite bow, a window that’s made up four equal sized casement windows. Lastly a 5 lite bow, which is a window made up of five equal sized casement windows.


 When measuring width for a bay or bow window we go from the inside of the left casing to the inside of the right casing. The casing is the decorative molding or framing that’s used to cover the space between the window frame and the wall. When measuring height, we go from the inside of the top casing to inside of the bottom casing.

Bay window with casements:

  • Width 42-144”
  • Height 24-75”

Bay window with double hung:

  • Width 42-144”
  • Height 24-75”

3 Lite Bow:

  • Width 42-144”
  • Height 24-75”

4 Lite Bow:

  • Width 59-144”
  • Height 24-75”

5 Lite Bow:

  • Width 84-144”
  • Height 24-75”


When thinking about installing bow or bay windows you should think about the location. These windows are more so for look so having them in the front of your house is an ideal location. More room for natural light and easy too accessorize and decorate with.

Bay window with stained glass


Bay and Bow Window Treatments

Exterior Window Treatments

There are many different window treatments you can use to spruce up your windows. When it comes to the outside you have the option of hanging plants or box planters. If you really feel like getting your hands dirty you can even do some flower boxes in the window and plant them yourself! During the spring the best way to decorate is to brighten up your house’s appearance with flowers. If planting isn’t really your thing, another window treatment is a window pediment. A window pediment is the decorative casing or molding around the window frame. Whether you have your own DIY project or go out and buy them it’s another way to add some glamour to your windows.

Bay window with patio decor
Bay window with floor planters
Hanging planter
Hanging planters
Double hung windows with box planters
Box planters
Front door and window with pediments
Pediments around both the door and window

Interior Window Treatments

There are many different window treatments for the exterior window but there are even more options for indoor window treatments. Depending on your style and the look you are going for in your house you have a whirlwind of choices. First there are curtains, they can add style and interest to the room while also being functional. Curtains are a great route to go if you want to give your windows that sleek look while also providing shade. Another window treatment that may suit your bay or bow windows are shades. Shades aren’t only for look but serve functional purposes as well. Your bay and bow windows provide lots of open space and natural lighting so on hot sunny days pulling your shades down will be a perfect solution.

Windows with curtains
Floor length curtains
Windows with shades

Additionally, while adding curtains and shades to your windows may add a functional effect, there’s still that piece of comfort missing from your bay or bow windows. By adding either a bench or a small couch to that space next to your window it can provide so much comfort and coziness to the room. Adding that seating arrangement in that depth of space is the perfect add on to your room for a relaxing space with lots of natural sunlight. You can spruce it up with some decorative pillows and a throw blanket and make it the perfect spot to curl up on a rainy day and read a book.


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Written by: Alena Kittleman